Aloha and Welcome!

I always welcome everyone to reach out to me to discus any art project for a business, individuals, community events or art festivals.

So if an idea pops up in your mind do not hesitate to reach out to me 🙂

Art Gallery_


by Julieta Tobar

Aloha and Welcome to my Virtual Art Gallery.

This gallery features a wide variety of my original artwork using acrylics, oils, pastels, watercolors, markers, mixed media and more.

Each piece is an original piece of art. This doodles represent the beginnings of my art. My style is always evolving. I love learning new techniques and try new things.

If one of them caught your eye I offer the option of prints. You can get them delivered to your house in different sizes and styles.

Contact me for your order!


Julieta Tobar